My great-uncle, a bachelor and bon vivant, wrote his will on a cocktail napkin. It probably took less than 15 minutes. When he died 14 years later, at the age of 90, the will was validated in its state because it was duly attested by two people in a bar. I used online software to create my will. So did my husband. So if your situation is simple enough, you can do the same. And rest assured that a will prepared for online software – or a will created on a form purchased from a store – is just as legal as if a lawyer had created it. If your estate planning is simple and straightforward, using a free online will service may suffice. For example, if you don`t have children, your only beneficiary is your spouse, and your estate is very small, free services may be all you need. However, you cannot get legal support and expertise if you have questions when preparing your estate planning documents. Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer provides online legal services that include documents and attorney services. Users can purchase individual legal documents for $39.99 each, such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. You can download them immediately once you have filled in all the required information online, and then receive instructions on how to make them legally binding.

Your documents can be securely signed online, and you can also invite others to digitally sign them. This allows for quick updates and changes. Why we chose this: Clients can create their estate planning documents quickly and easily. The company provides you with an easy way to decide which option is best via the Getting Started section of their website and then fill in the relevant details in an interview format. We also appreciate that Trust & Will allows you to make your documents legally binding by sending your completed documents free of charge and providing full instructions. According to older supporters, in a poll conducted in collaboration with research group YouGov, only 32% of respondents said they had made a will, leaving 68% of people at risk of dying without a will. Writing a will doesn`t have to be complicated or expensive. This website offers a free and easy way to write your own legal will online in a few simple steps: it is available throughout the country.

One caveat: there`s no legal basis, so be sure to do your own research to make sure your will is truly legally binding. In Spanish| If you have postponed writing a will because you do not want to pay a lawyer, know that it is not necessary to hire a lawyer to write a will. While the end of your life is something you probably don`t want to think about, it`s important to decide what will happen to your wealth and personal possessions after you die. Making a will is the easiest way to ensure that your funds and assets are distributed according to your wishes. Keep in mind that not all online wills are created equal. While some of these companies have products that comply with your state`s laws, you need to make sure your final document has the same weight as the one created by an attorney. For example, if you live in North Carolina, you need to make sure that whoever makes the will signs it in front of at least two witnesses. Check the fine print of the online will company to make sure it is in line with your condition and confirm what you need to do to make your documents legitimate. After your death, your property will likely be subject to probate proceedings, in which a judge will use your will to divide the property and grant guardianship to your loved ones. For those who do not have a will (called someone who dies “intestate”), the court will decide everything. The only way to avoid inheritance is to establish a living trust, but this is not necessary for small estates, where estate with will is usually an uncontested process. Creating a solid estate plan is crucial if you want to avoid succession and ensure your last wishes are met.

It is recommended that your records include a will and, in some cases, a trust. A will is a legally binding document that defines how you want to distribute your assets, and a trust is a legal agreement by which you give someone the authority to manage your assets for your beneficiaries.