Acutrans offers notarized, notarized, and USCIS-approved translation of birth certificates. If you want to have your birth certificate translated, Acutrans is here for you. Acutrans has project managers who understand immigration document requirements and work with you to make the process as easy as possible. They understand that official government, legal, medical and educational translations must be accurate and certified, and so they certify all translations and guide them through a strict quality assurance protocol. This takes one thing off your plate when you apply for a visa or passport. Learn more about the translation process for Acutrans documents or check out the Translation FAQ. Legal documents such as visas, passports, and birth certificates must be translated by a certified company. You cannot translate your birth certificate yourself. You also can`t ask a friend or family member to do it for you, even if they`re professional translators themselves. If you are not a language expert, you cannot translate the documents yourself.

Translation is not just about being bilingual. It has rules and only experts can understand them. If someone needs to have their documents translated, they should hire language experts and not try to do the work themselves. A certified translation is delivered with a signed declaration that the translation is complete and correct. It is also sometimes referred to as a certificate of accuracy. You may come across websites or people claiming to be certified translators. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the difference between a certified translation and the use of a certified translator. There are cases where a freelance translator is unable to provide a “certified” translation. Therefore, always ask if the translation itself is certified by a professional service. NOTE: It is not necessary to translate your passport into English. Always ask your customer service lawyer or independent lawyer if you are unsure if a document needs to be translated. You can also consult the reciprocity calendar for this information.

Asking a friend or family member to translate legal documents for you is considered a conflict of interest. USCIS wants to know that the translation of the birth certificate was done by someone who has no interest in changing your personal information. For this reason, USCIS requires a certified translation of your birth certificate. Below, we unpack the USCIS birth certificate requirements and how you can create a birth certificate translation. Not all of us have the opportunity to live freely and comfortably where we were born. And many yearn for a better life and the chance of an excellent education for themselves or their children. If you or your spouse want to move to the United States to start a life, you will need a USCIS certified translation of birth certificates. If you got married in a non-English speaking country, you will also need your translated marriage certificates. 1. Submit an electronic copy of the birth certificate to a certified translation service. Enter your name, phone number, email address, source and target languages of the document, and the document itself.

The translation must contain every part of the original document, including hyphens, signatures, stamps, etc. And it should also visually adapt to the same format. So if the official seal is at the bottom right of the original, the translated version should have it too. In order for your translated foreign birth certificate to be accepted by USCIS, make sure that once your foreign birth certificate has been professionally translated, you must have it certified by the person or agency that translated the document. The cost of translating birth certificates for USCIS can vary depending on a handful of factors: total number of words in the document, format, seal, original language, among others. For this reason, some companies set minimum translation prices at $50 or $74, and others charge much more. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a federal agency that oversees legal immigration to the United States. USCIS and the U.S. Department of State require immigrants to provide their birth certificates when applying for residency and visa. As mentioned above, the U.S.

Department of State and USCIS require immigrants applying for residency and visas to submit their birth certificates, which must be translated into English. In addition, the format of the translated birth certificate must match the original. For example, all seals on the original document must also appear in the translated document and be in the same place in both documents. A birth certificate is the most important personal document a person can have. It`s the birth certificate, and without it, you can`t go anywhere from school to another country. If you need to submit your birth certificate for an application or university admission in your country, you can submit it as is, but if you are applying for a job, immigration, or admission to a college in another country, you will need your birth certificate translated. In order for your birth certificate to be accepted for any purpose in the United States, it must be translated by an appropriate translator. One of the many requirements for filing documents with USCIS related to your immigration case is a certified translation of a document that is not in English. Typically, this includes birth certificates, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, university degrees, death certificates, passports, bank statements, police records, transcripts, affidavits, etc. The exact requirements are set out in the Code of Federal Regulations, 8 CFR 103.2(b)(3).

The following section falls under the USCIS certified translations requirement. 3. The time required to translate the birth certificate depends on the subject, the source and target languages, the length and stylization requirements. But his enthusiasm quickly turned to fear when he began to look at all the document requirements. He has a German birth certificate, which he has to translate into English. The U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration and the State Department are very specific in what they want (but very confusing!) A notarized translation or a notarized public translation is similar to a certified translation; However, the translator signs the letter of credence (translator`s affidavit) in the presence of a duly appointed notary, who gives the letter of credence an additional stamp. The mere certification of a document or even a translation does not make it an official and certified translation. If you are looking for where you can translate birth certificates and have them notarized, we can do a certified translation and a notarized translation here. “Certified translation” means that the translation is delivered with a signed letter from a translation company swearing that a qualified translator has provided the service and that it is a correct and accurate translation of the original document. Certification has legal value and distinguishes the certified translation of a document that has been translated informally, such as a family member, yourself or Google Translate. USCIS approved translation services provide certified translations, so they are considered official documents for immigration.

Certified translations require a word-for-word translation. For this reason, it is important to use a professional translation service such as Rapid Translate. We are confident that you are an honest person, but the U.S. government may not trust you as a :) We guarantee the completeness and accuracy of immigration documents, such as birth certificates. In addition, certified translations must be carried out by a qualified translator who is fluent in the language from which they are translating and the language into which they are translating.